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Honestly now, do you pick up after your dog while out on your daily walks?

I’m sure that for every responsible pet guardian out there, there are plenty of others who still refuse to take this seriously. Some are just lazy, but others truly find it extremely unpleasant. One of the reasons that I invented the ScooPup Pocket was to create a better way to deal with this task.

Here’s 5 reasons why you should be picking up your dog’s poop – whether you use a ScooPup Pocket or not.

1.   Keep Your Neighbors Happy

How many times have you seen signs posted on neighbor’s lawns asking people to pick up after their dogs? Those who don’t certainly aren’t making any friends, but they are also giving their dogs a bad rap.  It’s not the dog’s fault. As far as I know, most homes don’t contain indoor toilets for dogs (not yet anyway) so what choice does your pooch have? If you’ve got a ScooPup Pocket hanging from your leash, it’s easy for that perturbed neighbor to see that you are not the one who is leaving the little “gifts” on his lawn.


2.   Be Greener

Dog poop is more than just a nuisance. It poses a health risk to other dogs and people, especially children. It can be full of bacteria that can make people sick.

It’s also a contributing factor to water pollution.

We all know that there are worse things getting into our rivers, lakes and oceans, but dog poop certainly doesn’t help. According to The Puget Sound Partnership, more than 60% of water pollution comes from things like cars leaking oil, fertilizers and pesticides from farms and gardens, failing septic tanks, pet waste, and fuel spills from recreational boaters. Leave it on the ground, and it will eventually find it’s way downstream. A ScooPup Pocket gives you a place to stash the nasty poop bag until you can dispose of it properly.  BTW, most municipalities advocate putting poop bags in with your trash. Landfills are designed to handle it.

3.   Teach Your Kids Good Habits

You know the old story of the kid that begs to get a dog, promises to take care of it and walk it daily, but somehow that’s never the reality? Maybe part of the problem is that most kids find dog poop really gross. A ScooPup Pocket makes the task a little less nasty by putting a second moisture-resistant layer between their hand and the poop, if they use the water-resistant lining feature.  And what kid wants to run into one of their friends while carrying a bag of dog poop? Putting it in the ScooPup Pocket keeps the stinky bag out of sight.



4. Make Walking The Dog A More Pleasant Experience

Wouldn’t you rather run into a neighbor with a bag of poop hidden discreetly away inside a ScooPup Pocket?  (It cuts down on the smell too.) If you re-use supermarket bags for dog poop pickup, how many times has your one-and-only bag turned out to have a hole in the bottom? Using the moisture-resistant lining as a “double bag” gives you a second layer of protection.

5. Make It Habit-Forming

As long as you remember to keeping a few new poop bags in the side pocket, keeping a ScooPup Pocket attached to your dog’s leash means that when it’s time to walk, just grab your leash and go. They easily clip on to any type of leash (or stroller, or backpack.) The zippered side pocket is a handy place to stash your keys and if you’re like me, I use it to store treats for the neighborhood dogs.

So, now you know some of the reasons why you should be picking up after your dog, and if you’d like to make the task cleaner, greener and smarter, get yourself a ScooPup Pocket today.


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