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It’s the final push here at the Seattle office of the 2 Million Dogs Puppy Up! Walk.  It doesn’t seem possible, but 48 hours from now, our Walk will be coming to a close.  I can’t take the time at this moment to tell you all about what an unbelievable rollercoaster ride this has been for me, but I promise to reflect and write a proper blog about my experience next week.

In the meantime, please watch this video that KPCQ reporter Brian Callanan put together.  It really says it all.

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Since I’m a huge animal advocate, today was a major milestone for me and my business.  Tiny Growl was featured this morning on our local Fox affiliate, KCPQ Seattle.  In a past life, I worked in independent film, video and television production, and did a stint in the production department at KCPQ for about six years.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you know that I’ve been writing about the animal relief effort going on in Haiti. After seeing a post on my Tiny Growl facebook page about the IFAW’s animal relief efforts, my old colleague and ace reporter Brian Callanan asked if I would like to do a story about Tiny Growl and our attempt to draw attention to the plight of the animals after the earthquake.  As I’ve never been fond of being in front of the camera, I hesitated but agreed right away.

Helping the Animals in Haiti

After all, Tiny Growl isn’t about me and I didn’t start Tiny Growl just to sell a better way to pick up dog poop. I’m selling my pet accessory as a way to make money to donate to animal charities.  While I usually focus on local shelters and organizations, the disaster in Haiti was too big to ignore.  But what could I do that would really make a difference to the animals? Once the humanitarian aid began to sort itself out, I started hearing out the IFAW.  It became my intention to donate a portion of any sales directly to their work in Haiti.

The spot was shown on Q13’s morning show today, and will be on their website as well as my own.  You can link to it by scrolling over and clicking on the picture.  Brian did a great job in highlighting the connection between people and animals and it was nice to feel like my fledgling business could help out, just a little.  A Tiny Growl, indeed.

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